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Recreating the
Heard by
the Troops of the American
Civil War

Concert and Scheduling Information

The 12th NH Regiment Serenade Band is a recreation of a small all-brass band that would have actually been part of a Civil War Regiment. Performances feature actual instruments and music from the time period, much of the music draw from New Hampshire bands that served during the war. In addition to the performance, we provide background information about the music and instruments designed to help the audiences better understand the historical context and significance of the performance. 

We are a 7 to 9 piece band, depending on performer availability. We typically plan a 1 & 1/2 hour concert (it usually goes a bit longer), including an brief intermission.  During the concert, there would be commentary on the music, instruments, and the bandsmen's involvement with the troops during the Civil War. If you are having an ongoing event or "living history" encampment, and would like us to play several sets throughout the day, just let us know what kind of schedule you would like. 

Steve Gasiorowski, Manager
12th NH Regiment Sereande Band
(603) 523-7024

12th NH Regiment Serenade Band

Band Contact: manager@12thnhserenadeband.org